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When it comes to Minecraft, we try to create complex and strategic minigames designed for competitive player versus player gameplay. We put effort and good thought into games like Tower Defence to create a balanced and fair battlefield for players to compete in.

We try to separate ourselves from other networks with our monetization. While income is important to keep our services alive, purchasable content is created with fairness in mind. Honouring Minecraft's EULA, we stray away from pay-to-win aspects of our games while still giving useful perks to paying players.

  • In-dev A minigame that throws players into a sky based battle between two teams! Develop tactics on how to eliminate the other team and how to utilise various kits to get the best out of their abilities.

  • Alpha Create, upgrade, and eliminate players with an arsenal of different tower blueprints, weapons, and abilities. Work with a team, or alone, to create the ultimate fortifications against your opponents.

    This game is in early alpha. It's not stable and still has extra features to come, so sit tight while we polish up this game!

  • New! A simple survival server with the aim of creating a warm community for players who just want to enjoy normal minecraft. This server is well moderated and friendly, so it's worth checking it out if you're looking for a survival server.